Dr. Hassler’s Ankle Injury Checklist

-originally published by Vypetexas.com May 7, 2109

1. Prepare – Do your homework. No matter whose name is on the shoe, injury prevention is no guarantee. Most athletic shoes are mass produced and designed to fit a wide range of people. It is important to know what shoe is appropriate for what sport.

2. Protect, protect, protect – By ensuring that an ankle is taped or braced in high impact sports, the severity of injury is reduced. One of the great debates is whether this weakens the ankles or not. I recommend that an injured ankle be taped or braced during athletic activity until full strength has returned. Braces can be applied whenever and wherever, no professional required.

3. R.C.E. – No, it’s not a typo. The acronym R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression and elevation) has been used to manage acute injuries. While ice is useful for the reduction of pain, I have found that many my athletes and patients respond and recover more quickly with early active rest, compression and elevation without ice application. Lowering the temperature at the site can slow this process.

4. Put in the work – The mobility of the ankle and power that can be generated at the joint is dependent upon the development and training of the surrounding tissues. This can be accomplished by incorporating flexibility, balance and strength rehabilitative exercises into a training regimen.

5. Advocate – Properly credentialed athletic trainers can be the difference in

not only the outcome of a competition but the outcome of the athletes. By requesting that athletic trainers be employed for youth sporting events, injury prevention and safe competition become more of a priority and not an after thought.

Your Athletic Trainer, Dr. Erin Hassler

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